Green Painting Ideas

1. Check ingredients and look for the Green Seal.

2. Try to only use latex paints.

3. Buy the smallest quantity of paint when testing colors.

4. Hire a color consultant to help you choose colors and avoid unnecessary waste.

5. Prepare surfaces properly. This helps assure proper adhesion to the substrate.

6. Purchase the correct amount of paint for your project. Avoid waste.

7. Dispose of paint properly. Contact your local municipality for collection sites and times.


Why Green Paint

With all of the new technology it is now possible to paint virtually odor free. Painting with low or zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) not only helps the environment, but the users and families as well. Many homeowners avoid painting due to allergies, having young children and just wanting to avoid harmful fumes. Green Seal paints eliminate a majority of the unsafe fumes and lingering odor that typically accompany painting.

With Green Seal paints redesign of a home can be one of the easiest most cost efficient home improvements. Green Seal paints allow you to paint without having to open your windows or leave your home due to paint odors. 

Visit http://www.greenseal.org/ for Green Seal certified products.