Making selection of paint colors easier

choose your paint

Much can be said about why certain colors appeal to us while others make us uneasy. Certain colors increase our attraction, or revulsion, for a thing and play a detrimental role in how we see things.  60% of the response we might have for place or an object is determined by its color. In consideration of this fact, we must chose the colors to be painted in our home after much thought. A pleasant use of colors on your walls, doors and furnishings adds much to the beauty of your house. Continue Reading →


Dealing with Mold and Mildew Before you Paint

Deal with mildew

A fresh coat of paint will certainly make the home look new and clean, but it will not help overcome the most common cause of discoloration: mildew.

Mildew is parasite fungus that often appears as a dark color, such as black, green or brown and is rather fuzzy as well. Its body can digest right through painted surfaces and destroys the integrity of the paint itself. Mildew can also cause the underlying wood to rot and even cause masonry to crumble. Continue Reading →


Choosing a color combination for your living room

choosing colors for living roomThe living room of your house is often the most important area in terms of representing your style of decoration. This room is also the one where guests are entertained and hence it needs to be presented well. One of the most daunting tasks when it comes to decorating or painting a living room is deciding upon the color combination. Continue Reading →


Paneling …To Paint or Not to Paint?

Painting old paneling

Painting old paneling is a job that many exterior painting contractors perform for their clients. However, it is not nearly as cheap as it sounds especially if you try to do the work yourself. For those who do not want to hire a professional house painter, here are a few tips to properly painting paneling. Continue Reading →


5 DIY paint ideas for your house

Paint your way to a beautiful house – 5 DIY paint ideas for your house

One cannot stress enough the role that paint plays in beautifying your house. The way your house is painted speaks volumes about your decorating preferences. If you are in the process of decorating a new house or apartment or want to revamp your current one, read on to know about 5 exciting DIY paint projects that you are bound to love. Have a look at the following DIY projects and gain inspiration to start yours today. Continue Reading →


Touching up your surfaces

touching up your surfaces
How to Touch Up

Many of us have tried to touch up a surface only to have it look worse than it did before. This is fairly common on surfaces that have a coated finish. However, using the right methods any surface coating can be touched up properly either by yourself or by using experienced interior painting services. Continue Reading →