Protect Your Family From Lead Based Paint

protect from lead based paint
Lead safe certified is the only way to go. Make sure your paint contractor is certified lead safe. Lead paint can be damaging to the human body particularly young children. Research has shown that long term exposure can cause neurological damage. Exposure in growing children can cause developmental issues and permanent damage to the nervous system. Continue Reading →


Interior Paint Color Choices Can Improve Your Bottom Line

The Painter's Color WheelIt wasn’t that long ago that home sellers believed that using gray, white or beige interior paint schemes would sell homes faster. This was because these colors are neutral and the belief was that potential buyers could imagine their furniture in the home easier. However, studies showed that a warmer color palette with reds and yellows worked much better because the home felt more alive than with neutral or even cool colors such as blues or greens and professional house painters have taken heed. Continue Reading →


The Hiding Power of Quality Paint

One of the most common problems that can occur during a painting project is when the paint fails to fully conceal the layer that is underneath, that is called poor hiding. While professional house painters are adept at avoiding this problem, those that have not painted very often may find themselves painting yet another coat when it is not really necessary. Continue Reading →


Six Ways to Deal with Leftover Paint

Leftover paints what to do
Unlike leftover food where you can simply store it in the refrigerator to enjoy another day, leftover paint is another matter entirely. Usually, the paint you have leftover from a particular job is not enough to do another project of any real size, yet to safely dispose of it may be a time-consuming process. Dumping the leftover paint in the landfill is certainly not a pleasing option, but is one that too many people are doing which negatively affects our environment. Continue Reading →


Happy Valentines Day!



The Dying Craft of Professional Painters

Professional paint services are undergoing a serious crisis as the combination of retirement plus the barriers put in place for younger generations to enter the field are creating a situation where the US will see a massive shortage of fully trained professional painters.

When you consider that 40% of the construction workforce in 2012 was made up of the Baby Boom generation it does not bode well for the future profession of painters who make up a considerable portion of that pool. Even in states like Colorado, that shortage of house & interior painters will be felt very soon. Continue Reading →


Choose The Right Paint Sheen

When it comes to painting the walls of your home, you always think about picking the perfect color. You have another big decision to make as well, though. You will need to choose the paint sheen to use as well.

There are five main sheens or finishes when it comes to interior paint. Each has its own properties of durability, coverage and appearance. You need to make sure to choose what you will need. Continue Reading →


Guggenheim’s paint collection lets you bring museum-worthy colors home



Your next wall color could be famous. Or at least, it could share specks of colors seen in pieces on display at one of the world’s most famous art museums, the Solomon R. Guggenheim.


Happy New Year From Dave’s Painting!

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Here’s Wishing You All a New Year Filled With Peace, Joy, Health and Happiness.



House Painting Services in Colorado

Paint It Black: Contractor and House Painting Services in Colorado:

The importance of painting your house professionally cannot be overstated. Attention to detail and professionalism can make the difference between an inviting home and a train wreck that needs urgent repainting. In this area, professional services are very much needed, because the initial consultation regarding colors, textures and designs can make or break the appearance of your home. Many Colorado painting contractors skim on the details, but don’t compromise by trusting these unprofessional companies. Truly professional Denver house painting involves dedication, attention to detail and constant technique refinement. Continue Reading →

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