Making selection of paint colors easier

choose your paint

Much can be said about why certain colors appeal to us while others make us uneasy. Certain colors increase our attraction, or revulsion, for a thing and play a detrimental role in how we see things.  60% of the response we might have for place or an object is determined by its color. In consideration of this fact, we must chose the colors to be painted in our home after much thought. A pleasant use of colors on your walls, doors and furnishings adds much to the beauty of your house.

Color psychology reflects on how we relate to colors and how they affect us. Their effects are subtle yet significant; psychological as well as physical. The popular expression that there is a definite equation between our moods and the colors is not usually a direct result of color use. There is much more to that than just our moods; colors are a mode of expression and beauty. How they are combined in our homes or work places deeply impacts our perception of the place. A room painted a mixture of gaudy colors that don’t go together is less likely to be inviting than one which is painted in shades of rich green, or even pastels accentuated with furnishing that complements the paint job.

Start Small

If you are still not sure where to begin with a color, start small by experimenting with the color in a bathroom or powder room, the hallway or as an accent wall. If you are going to paint it for yourself, choose an area that can be done quickly so that  you can see the results quickly and decide if it needs to be changed or not. Think of it as a process of discovery.

As a starting point, pick out a favorite color inspired by an art piece, your accessories or dishes or even your furniture. If you like the results, you can always call in professional help to paint larger areas of the house more efficiently.

Think About Your Mood

When making selections relating to a color, consider what sort of mood you want the room to have. A bedroom can have a restful or soothing feel, or a more eccentric or dramatic one depending on your preferences. Cool, soft colors along with neutrals are good for creating a more intimate feel while stringer rich colors can give your room a dramatic edge.

You can have a dining area as one other formal and elegant or one which is sociable and active. For a more social feel, go for brighter, warmer, contrasting colors while for a more formal ambiance, neutrals and deeper greens and blues would be suitable.